We are proud to service a wide variety of industries. From agriculture to housewares and everything in between, we’re equipped to handle any challenge that comes our way.

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We produce residential lawn mower moldings for riding mowers and push mowers. Riding mower hoods are just one example, but we make a wide variety of parts for the interior and exterior of lawn mowers.

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Historically, we have created many items for the industrial sector. For example, we make the plastic handle that’s added to a brass scraper, making the tool functional and usable.

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Electrical Utility

Electricity is everywhere you look these days, from our phones to cars, and we’re proud to have a hand in helping everything run smoothly. Charging stations for electric vehicles and 5G broadband cable organizers are just a fraction of the items we create for the electrical utility industry.

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Janitorial Commercial

Helping companies stay clean and organized, the janitorial sector is one of our sweet spots. We produce a wide range of trash can and utility bucket sizes, from miniature to massive.

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We produce seasonal storage containers, also known as totes, for the holidays as well as standard versions all year round. We also make children’s toys, including everything from playhouses to powered vehicles—you may even have one in your own back yard!

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